What is it like to work with us?


Recognition PR has been operating for more than 30 years. Recognition has a strong focus on the IT sector and also works with professional services firms across a range of industries including finance, management consulting and accounting. That might explain what we do, but it doesn’t tell the story of who we are and how we go about our work.

Our group employs more than 30 people and is growing all the time. Sometimes we plan to hire and sometimes an amazing person just gets in touch and we are compelled to hire them because we can see how they will be a great fit for the team. If that sounds like it could be you, send us your CV.

There is definitely a ‘Recognition PR’ way of thinking and doing things. So what is it like to work here?

Who owns the business?

There are two directors, Adam Benson and Liz Marchant, who own the company (and sister PR firm Write Away Communication and the B2B marketing firm, Outsource).

What are the things we expect from our team?

It seems like a long list but as you read through, you’ll see that the kind of place we are becomes clearer and clearer. We could have written a summary version but, if you’ve worked in (or with) a PR consultancy before, you’ll know that it’s not the overarching statement that counts, it’s how these values are applied in management thinking, decision making, team work and individual work that really matter. So here’s how we see it.

If you work at Recognition PR we expect you will:

  • Deliver value to clients. That means producing actionable ideas, considered counsel, personal thoughts and articulate feedback that clients truly value. We offer a professional service based on our accumulated knowledge and our willingness to be proactive and help drive clients to succeed is critical.
  • Engage with the business – we don’t want you to be a spectator at work. Everyone needs to help drive the business forward with ideas, energy and teamwork. It’s no surprise that the most engaged team members are the ones who get more career opportunities.
  • Use the systems and technology we provide so you can be efficient, deliver quality outcomes and help us understand how the business is running. Our systems are custom-built, world-class and make it easy for people to do great work. If we see systems being ‘worked around’ then we know we need to modify them to keep them relevant and valuable to the team. Our systems support you – not the other way around.
  • Respect your client, team and yourself. Humility, empathy and trust are critical elements in a professional services environment and lead to rich, authentic and interesting relationships with your clients, team-mates and improve your self awareness and self-development. If you don’t respect clients, your team-mates or yourself – you will learn little.
  • Grow – use the many opportunities we offer to keep developing your career and adding value to the business. You don’t get paid more because you stayed one more year. You get paid more because you contributed more to our success than last year. Learning and development is an ongoing process and we support lifelong learning by providing paid education training courses, quarterly group book clubs, regular team lunch and learn sessions plus workplace coaching on a daily basis.
  • Take feedback and use it. We have no room for people who can’t handle feedback. Everyone is on a journey to improve, and it’s important that feedback is received in the manner in which it is intended. We all need it and it’s the only way to learn.
  • Avoid office politics. Legitimate complaints or concerns will always be heard and acted on appropriately. Anything else is not deserving of an audience. We are a business of grown up professionals doing the best we can for our clients, every day. Office politics is self-indulgent, morale sapping and destructive – it’s also career limiting.
  • Have fun, enjoy your time at work. You’re here for a lot of hours every week so take the time to enjoy what you do. Recognition PR finds clients we all want to work with. Many of our clients have worked with us for more than ten years and have hired us multiple times. The clients we do the best work for are people we like. We also like their products and services and what they do in the market. On the other hand, clients who are bullies, don’t listen to our counsel (then argue about the results) or dispute our invoices constantly are value detractors and demoralise our team. We move those companies on – or they move themselves on. Finding amazing, lovely, energised staff who are great at their jobs is hard. We respect the work they do and back them every time.

Here’s a few more things that we think are important at Recognition PR

  • Attitude is everything. Attentive, focused, professional, courteous and self-driven are what we look for. We can teach the technical skills on the job – but we can’t teach attitude. A positive, problem solver who can think on their feet and assimilate new information quickly is a great asset in our business.
  • Managers work for their staff – not the other way around. A manager’s job is to clear the way for the rest of the team to do what they do best. They support team members and offer advice and experience to ensure the team is learning and growing around them. We review our managers regularly and they receive 360 degree feedback from their teams. It keeps everyone focused on the right things – all the time.
  • Promoting health and well being in the workplace is our responsibility as an employer. Every employee is offered a FitBit and can join regular Workplace Challenges or just do their own thing. We regularly bring in experts such dieticians and fitness experts, and also lawyers, financial planners etc to share concepts and ideas to keep us all focused on our own health and well being. We also subscribe to the NSW Government’s Healthy Workplace initiative which offers all employees free online health assessments and a supported program of health and fitness activities.
  • Flexible workplace – nearly 15 per cent of our workforce is located outside Sydney. In addition, many team members work flexible hours to ensure they can fulfil parental or other carer duties. Our view is, as long as clients are happy, work is being done well and engagement with our business is high, then where our employees choose to work is less important. However, it’s worth knowing that flexible work is agreed to on a case by case basis – as not all roles are going to suit.
  • Remuneration and performance management – every employee sets goals which are reviewed with their manager regularly. Salaries are tied to meeting goals, 360 team feedback and market rates. Recognition PR consistently pays equal to or better than industry benchmark salaries for all roles.
  • Personal technology – all account teams work with the latest technology including smart phones and up-to-date ultra-book laptops to enable remote work.
  • Staying in touch – we talk to our employees all the time. We meet weekly as a team, and every employee has our employee comms app on their smart phone. This lets us share news across the group of companies about new clients, recent projects, staff news and company news. We also use this app to ensure our staff on maternity or paternity leave or working remotely don’t miss out on the news.

Sometimes we plan to hire (check out our current vacancies here) and sometimes an amazing person just gets in touch and we are compelled to hire them because we can see how they will be a great fit for the team. If that sounds like it could be you, send us your CV.