Consumer sentiment strongly supports Voice Biometrics for APAC contact centres

AustraliaNICE announced the results of its Asia Pacific Voice Biometrics Consumer Survey. The survey revealed that consumers are overwhelmingly in favour of companies using voice recognition to authenticate their identity when interacting with a contact centre. This saves times for both customers and contact centre agents and eliminates frustration caused by forgotten passwords or wrong answers to traditional security questions.

NICE’s survey of 900 consumers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore discovered the following:

  • 46 percent of respondents rated their current experience of authenticating themselves when engaging with a contact centre as somewhere between neutral and terrible. Just nine per cent said it was ‘great.’
  • 55 percent of people said having to answer security questions (which are usually personal) to a stranger via telephone when they’re in a public place is their biggest frustration when trying to authenticate themselves.
  • Consumer readiness to accept voice biometrics for contact centre authentication is high: 88 percent were open to voice biometrics. Of the people who had never heard of voice biometrics, 81 per cent were open to it once they understood what voice biometrics means.
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