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Demonstrating credibility to customers, partners, the media, and the general public alike is essential for modern businesses wanting to boost their brand profile and industry recognition. This is especially true for organisations that operate in the business-to-business (B2B) environment, where it can be challenging to communicate key successes and points of difference. However, being shortlisted for—and winning—industry, partner, and broader business awards is a great way to achieve this.


Award wins indicate that a business or individual is an industry leader and considered outstanding in the field. It can help to give your business a competitive edge and lead to new sales or partnerships, especially when recognition comes from a respected source, such as an industry association or leading trade publication. Consequently, any B2B organisation engaged in public relations and marketing activities must ensure that writing award submissions forms an integral part of the overarching brand and communications strategy, or risk missing out on valuable opportunities. 

How to boost your business profile with awards

Writing awards lets you align your business with other industry-leading organisations while effectively showcasing the groundbreaking, innovative work your company does. While there’s a wide variety of awards that organisations should consider the types of awards businesses typically nominate for fall into one of three key categories:

Partner awards

Engaging with partner awards can help your business demonstrate its value to the companies you work with.

It can also help you to strengthen your business relationships, positioning your business as a leading partner, which can help to secure joint customer wins.

Industry awards

Industry associations that recognise your business as a leader in the field let you achieve credibility within your space.

Potential partners and customers often look to industry bodies to identify leaders in the field, and industry award wins let you promote your business and its successes.

Media awards

Building your profile with industry and business media is essential, and media awards offer valuable opportunities to engage with target publications.

Media award wins can lead to guaranteed coverage for your business within the media outlets that you need to be seen in.

Employee awards

Employee awards let you demonstrate the expertise of your individual team members and are an essential way to demonstrate credibility and leadership in your industry. Submitting your employees for awards also lets you recognise outstanding individual performance.

How our professional awards writing and editing services can help

Award wins rely on businesses being able to successfully illustrate their successes and achievements in supporting their customers. For the best chance of success, you must tell a compelling story that sets you apart from the competition.

An experienced integrated marketing communications agency can help you create strong submissions every time, especially if they offer dedicated awards writing and editing services. They can also help you keep across additional opportunities by tracking relevant awards.

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Make us your trusted advisors for awards writing

We know how to craft effective award submissions by:

  • providing an accurate and unbiased approach to answering all questions and criteria
  • telling the story in a direct and compelling way for every submission
  • eliminate potential spelling and grammatical errors by proofreading submissions
  • ensure submissions are in the correct formats, adhere to relevant word and character limits, and are delivered on time.

How do our awards writing services differ?

Our awards writing services focus on:

  • telling a powerful story without relying on jargon.
  • showcasing and accurately supporting business achievements and successes with quantifiable evidence and results
  • demonstrating what makes your business stand out from your competitors
  • explaining how you continue to achieve the best results for your customers.
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How do we elevate our awards writing services?

With our deep industry experience, we:

  • understand what a judge looks for in a awards submissions
  • tell stories that are meaningful and showcase why your business is award-worthy
  • craft high quality, award-worthy submissions that will impress judges and capture their interest
  • ensure alignment between your business and the award with carefully crafted submissions.

Preparing an awards submission: three key factors

1. Customer/partner approval: if you’d like to tell a strong customer or partner story, you must reach out to them first to ensure you have permission to submit their name as part of an award submission. It can be a costly experience to invest time, money, and resources into creating a submission only for the partner to say no at the last minute.

2. Information: taking your time to carefully review the eligibility and submission criteria is essential, as it will help determine if you have all the information you need to create a compelling award submission that fits the bill. You’ll most likely fail to win if you fail to meet the brief.

3. Time: writing submissions can be a time-consuming process, so it’s essential you ensure you have enough time to collect all the relevant information, supporting metrics, and approvals you need before submitting it for consideration to craft a high-quality, award-worth submission.

Awards writing can be challenging, and simply meeting eligibility criteria and deadlines isn’t always enough to secure a win. Working with the right partner can help you craft a winning submission and turn those wins into additional value for your business.  


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