AI usage policy at

The Recognition Group

At The Recognition Group, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance our ability to deliver high-quality marketing and communication services to our clients. This is likely to increase as AI technologies mature and API-linked micro-services become more commonplace and reliable.

While AI promises a step-change in how agency content is produced, we also recognise that the use of AI can raise concerns about the quality and authenticity of the work we produce for clients, and there may be as-yet-unknown SEO ramifications of using AI to create online content.

This policy addresses these concerns and ensures we use AI in a responsible and ethical manner that preserves the integrity of our work and protects our clients’ interests.

The Recognition Group AI policy statement:

  • Human oversight: we believe AI should be used as a tool to augment human intelligence and not as a replacement for it. We will always have a human in the loop to oversee the use of AI in the work we produce.

  • Quality control: we will maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that the AI-generated content meets the standards of quality and accuracy that our clients expect.

  • Security and privacy: we will take all necessary measures to ensure that our clients’ data and information are secure and protected when using AI in our production environment.

  • Training and education: we will invest in the training and education of our employees to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with AI. We will provide ongoing training to keep our staff up to date with the latest AI technologies, best practices, and ethical standards.

  • Ethical considerations: we will consider the ethical implications of using AI in our marketing campaigns. We will ensure that AI-generated content is not discriminatory, biased, or offensive. We will also ensure that our use of AI aligns with our values and ethics as a marketing agency.

  • Transparency: we will explain to the best of our knowledge how AI has been used (if at all) to produce content any time a client asks.