October 31, 2023

Blue Connections IT joins hands with Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, donating 205 backpacks to vulnerable children

Blue Connections IT

October 31, 2023 – Demonstrating its continued commitment to make a difference in the local community, the team at Blue Connections IT recently gathered at their headquarters to pack and donate 205 backpacks to Backpacks 4 VIC Kids. The initiative, which included participation from key vendors and distributors, illustrates Blue Connections IT’s dedication to providing valuable support to those who need it the most. 

Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, a charity founded in 2014, provides crisis relief and gift packs to displaced children and young people across Victoria, ranging from newborns to seventeen-year-olds. The organisation plays a pivotal role in offering immediate assistance to these children and young people in need, often placed into foster or kinship care with little more than the clothes they are wearing at the time. Backpacks 4 VIC Kids aims to restore dignity, self-worth, and a sense of care to each child and young person through these backpacks filled with essential items. 

Blue Connections IT has always been proactive in assisting charitable causes. Earlier this year, in collaboration with Dell Technologies, the company orchestrated the second annual Backpack Giving Day supporting Anglicare Victoria, showcasing their unwavering commitment to the welfare of the community’s vulnerable members. 

Gordon Brownell, chief executive officer, Blue Connections IT, said, “Our collaboration with Backpacks 4 VIC Kids is more than just a donation; it’s a reflection of our core values. We recognise the needs of displaced children and young people in our community, and this is our way of showing them that they are not alone. Our team and our partners are proud to roll up their sleeves, donate, and pack these backpacks with care.”  

During the event, each participating member packed essential items into the backpacks and added a personal touch by including a pair of children’s pyjamas and a heartfelt message for the receiving child. The commitment of the Blue Connections IT team was evident in their enthusiasm and dedication to packing each backpack with care and compassion.  

Sally Beard, founder and chief executive officer, Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, said, “The generous donation from Blue Connections IT is invaluable. Their effort goes beyond the tangible backpacks; it represents the hope and comfort they bring to these children and young people. It’s always heartening to see corporations like Blue Connections IT step up and play a significant role in our mission.” 

Businesses recognising the importance of environmental, social, and corporate governance are increasingly realising the significance of supporting charities like Backpack 4 VIC Kids. While financial contributions are essential, donating time and effort, as seen with Blue Connections IT’s recent initiative, has an equally profound impact.  


About Backpacks 4 VIC Kids 

Backpacks 4 VIC Kids is a registered charitable organisation holding Deductible Gift Recipient status. Backpacks 4 VIC Kids provides a range of material aid programs for children aged from birth to seventeen, displaced in our local community (mainly Victoria), and from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. 

About Blue Connections IT 

Blue Connections IT is a leading Australian owned provider of best-in-class IT solutions and managed services. Its clients include some of Australia’s best known and established businesses as well as organisations navigating the challenges of business growth. 



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