October 27, 2023

TeamViewer adds additional security and productivity features for its enterprise connectivity solution TeamViewer Tensor in latest major update


  • Pre-configured sessions and custom certificates for maximum security and control. 
  • Holistic and scalable device management for improved monitoring and maintenance. 
  • Redesigned interface for seamless workflows and 1-click sessions. 

October 27, 2023TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalisation solutions, has announced a major update of its enterprise connectivity solution TeamViewer Tensor, supporting information technology (IT) departments in maintaining business-critical equipment. With leading compatibility, security and performance, TeamViewer Tensor offers a comprehensive overview of all devices, improving monitoring and support as well as access management. 

This update puts a special focus on improved security, new mobile device management capabilities and the reworked user interface with session links as an alternative to ID and password. 

Enterprise-focused security features 

TeamViewer Tensor extends its granular control and access limitations even further by adding the possibility to “Bring Your Own Certificate” (BYOC) as well as pre-approved access sessions to the existing conditional access capabilities. BYOC enables TeamViewer customers to fully control access inside their companywide network, by granting access only to devices with the custom certificate installed. In combination with TeamViewer’s new way of connecting there is the possibility to generate certificate-backed session links – allowing for a one-time connection between certified devices inside your organisation, negating any accidental misconfiguration and potential access violation. 

Source: TeamViewer // Custom Certificate (BYOC)

Pre-approved Conditional Access sessions offer control by pre-defining a connection to devices or device groups, with a fixed timeslot and time-out, available for outgoing and incoming connections. Especially organisations that are collaborating with third parties or customers can reduce their workload in the IT department by pre-defining single sessions in-product without compromising any security guidelines.

Source: TeamViewer // pre-approved access session

Holistic device monitoring and management

TeamViewer Tensor is a designated solution for larger companies, with fleets of diverse devices and a special need for security and scalability. Therefore, TeamViewer has added mobile device management capabilities into its remote monitoring and management solution which is part of Tensor by default. With the latest addition, TeamViewer Tensor now offers a holistic overview over the entire IT and operational technology (OT) landscape, covering all major operating systems including android and iPhone operating system (iOS) allowing centralised rollout of patches, policies, on- and offboarding of devices and remote backups as well as wiping of data.

Source: TeamViewer // mobile device management dashboard

Redesigned interface and improved workflows

TeamViewer Tensor has received a redesign of the entire user experience introducing a range of improvements like quick actions, a universal search, and the companion dock, to make the life easier for large-scale IT departments, maintaining thousands of devices at the same time. A new web client allows for more flexibility with access to all features of the installed version on top.

Source: TeamViewer // universal search, quick action/connect, and companion dock

Mei Dent, chief product and technology officer, TeamViewer, said, “We have defined the standard in remote connectivity long ago and consequently improved our solution TeamViewer Tensor to meet and exceed enterprise needs in secure and reliable connectivity, positioning us as a leading player in this sector. With this major update we underline our focus on enterprise-grade security and improved workflows while providing maximum flexibility, supporting any device that is connected to the internet – from embedded tablets to order food in a restaurant to digital signage displays in remote locations to classic IT equipment and mobiles up to robots on the shopfloor.”

TeamViewer Tensor has been designed with teams such as IT departments or customer service in mind, in need of a single, fast, reliable, and secure solution that is easy to integrate into existing environments like active directories. With its full auditability, relevant certifications for enterprises and ranked top one per cent by BitSight Security, Tensor is used for remote access even in critical infrastructure organisations such as production plants and in highly regulated industries like healthcare or financial services.

About TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a leading global technology company that provides a connectivity platform to remotely access, control, manage, monitor, and repair devices of any kind – from laptops and mobile phones to industrial machines and robots. Although TeamViewer is free of charge for private use, it has more than 630,000 subscribers and enables companies of all sizes and from all industries to digitalise their business-critical processes through seamless connectivity. Against the backdrop of global megatrends like device proliferation, automation and new work, TeamViewer proactively shapes digital transformation and continuously innovates in the fields of augmented reality, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Since the company’s foundation in 2005, TeamViewer’s software has been installed on more than 2.5 billion devices around the world. The company is headquartered in Goppingen, Germany, and employs more than 1,400 people globally. In 2022, TeamViewer achieved a revenue of around EUR 566 million. TeamViewer SE (TMV) is listed at Frankfurt Stock Exchange and belongs to the MDAX. Further information can be found at  https://www.teamviewer.com/.



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