May 5, 2022

10 questions to ask your B2B technology PR agency to amplify your ROI

Public relations, Strategy, Technology

Organisations working in the B2B technology sector can benefit from a targeted and strategic PR campaign. However, it can be difficult to know whether your PR firm is delivering a strong return on investment. We’ve identified 10 questions you should ask your agency to make sure they’re delivering the ROI you need: 

1. Does the agency have a long history in technology, especially enterprise technology?  

The team should understand current industry developments, challenges and opportunities facing organisations and be able to confidently articulate them along with solutions.  

2. Does the agency only specialise in one area (e.g. tech start-ups or fintech)?  

Having an agency that only specialises in one area of B2B PR can limit the agency’s ability to provide a well-rounded service for clients and the inability to tackle further topics in the space. 

3. Does the agency size impact its output? 

Integrated PR agencies can deliver a more effective and integrated approach that reduces overall expenditure by avoiding the need to pay for outsourced work or freelancers. 

4. Does the agency provide proactive ideas? 

Proactive ideas and strategies to maximise the client’s budget are key to developing high-quality, well-informed deliverables.  

5. Is the agency content-led? 

Your agency should consider leveraging content across multiple channels to drive maximum engagement and extend coverage, creating more value for the business.  

6. Is the agency delivering results? 

The PR team should strive to deliver results based on clearly defined, measurable goals accounting for the client’s business objectives and marketing. Keep an eye out for outdated measurement formulas such as the advertising value equivalents (AVEs), as these are a sign that the agency may not be delivering real value.  

7. Does the agency understand both direct and channel sales ecosystems? 

Agencies should appreciate the difference between promoting a brand in market to end customers and communicating to channel partners and their customers in market. 

8. Does the account team have the right experience?  

Both PR account managers and account directors should have the experience to lead, support client’s operational goals and bring deep knowledge by becoming a valued and trusted advisor.  

9. Does the agency provide constructive challenges to executives’ thinking?   

A PR firm should be questioning and thinking strategically about how to maximise outcomes, before determining the tactics to be used.  

10. Does the agency support marketing managers in their roles?  

A good PR team should become a genuine and trusted source of expertise and help, by navigating through difficult situations and anticipating client’s needs.  

If you answered no to any of these questions, it could be time to rethink your agency relationship. Recognition PR has been a trusted advisor to B2B technology and professional services firms for more than 30 years. We know how to get results in the markets that matter to you. To find out more, give us a call.  



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