June 27, 2022

Three things to look for when hiring a B2B IT agency

Digital Marketing, Public relations, Strategy

Working with a public relations (PR) agency is one of the most effective ways to tell a wide audience about your business and its products and services. For businesses that sell complex, high-value solutions, a PR agency can help you communicate with key audiences more successfully. 

Having a team of dedicated communications professionals at your disposal can also help you to more clearly articulate what sets you apart from your competitors, and help potential customers understand how you can de-risk their purchase. 

We know that most PR agencies work towards achieving similar outcomes for their clients. However, we also know that not all agencies are created or managed equally, and it can be difficult to know which agency is the right fit for you before investing time, money, and energy into a partnership. 

Before you engage with a PR partner, there are three key things to look for in a B2B IT agency: 

1. Sufficient resources

Engaging a PR agency lets you scale your team without adding the costs of additional headcount, so it’s essential to engage with an agency that has enough team members to support your business as required. Your PR agency should also offer you a diverse marketing and communication skillset including digital strategists, content writers, and designers to complement their media consultants. This lets you access an effective and integrated team and approach all from one supplier.

2. Results driven

It’s important to have clearly defined, measurable goals that your agency can work towards. However, the media landscape can be fickle and is constantly evolving, so it’s also important to engage with a PR agency that is constantly looking for new ways to promote your organisation and not just relying on organic media coverage.

3. Relevant experience

Look for an agency with relevant experience in the same sector that you operate in. An agency partner should understand the challenges and opportunities unique to your industry and be able to articulate them to a relevant audience, along with how your solutions can help their business. Beyond this, it’s also essential to choose an agency with long-term, senior personnel who know your industry and sector inside and out, and who can provide strategic counsel. 

The benefits of working with an aligned PR agency can include increased positive media coverage, growing brand awareness, and rising sales.  For more information on what to look for, download our latest whitepaper. 

Recognition PR is focused almost entirely on the ICT sector and understands its structure, spectrum, and nuances. Our experienced team leads with business thinking, not PR tactics, so we align to sales leaders, directors, and management, and take a holistic approach to solving our clients’ challenges. For a better understanding of how we can help your business, contact our specialist team today.  



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