June 30, 2020

Using content marketing effectively to create value in times of uncertainty

Content marketing, Media relations

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented health and financial crises that seem to have turned every aspect of life on its head.

Most companies need to find a way to continue operating in the face of adversity. This means ensuring their marketing campaigns continue to add value by hitting target audiences with compelling content.

Business-as-usual in an unusual time

With so many companies moving rapidly to adjust how they operate, now is the time to demonstrate that you are still open for business where possible. This is an opportunity to show your clients and any prospective customers that you can assist them with their needs.

This is an opportunity to create value for clients and prospects now that may lead to more business later. Effective content marketing in this current climate can potentially spark more sales opportunities when the demand returns.

Your customers are likely still grappling with the same challenges they faced before the COVID-19 crisis, as well as crisis-specific issues that you may be able to help them with. Providing content that genuinely helps them deal with these issues is incredibly valuable. It can help develop strong relationships with decision-makers who will then be more likely to come to you when they are ready to buy.

Generate new connections

Operating under these strained circumstances has meant that many organisations have become aware of gaps in their capabilities, technology, operating processes, and more. They’re asking questions they’ve never had to ask before, exploring solutions they’ve never considered before, and trying to get up to speed with concepts they’ve never examined before. This creates an exceptional opportunity to step into the gap with useful, valuable, calm, pragmatic advice that genuinely helps these organisations pivot successfully to a new way of working.

In many cases, these companies may not have been on your marketing radar before. You have a unique opportunity to educate decision-makers at these organisations and develop strong and lasting relationships that will continue to deliver mutual value into the future.

Create a content hub

You should be creating new and highly-targeted content to reach these new audiences. And, don’t underestimate the value of content you’ve created in the past. You should review your content bank for material that can be updated and refreshed, then rereleased to a whole new readership.

Creating and sharing a wealth of new content will likely see more visitors heading towards your website as they look for more information. It’s essential that you don’t confuse readers with a complicated web of stories they need to sift through to find what they need.

Creating a searchable information hub is a great way to collect all your content and updates and present it to clients and prospects in an easily digestible manner. If you’re churning out updates on your response to COVID-19 as well as key product changes for clients, keep these separate. Make sure you house your coronavirus content on a dedicated webpage away from your regular news and updates.

Think ahead

Generating content that is relevant to COVID-19 and peripheral issues isn’t the only opportunity for you to strengthen your marketing program. Now is the time to look at your overall marketing strategies and look long-term to develop high-value content for the road ahead.

For example, this is an ideal time to develop whitepapers and supporting materials for the other side of COVID-19. Think about what your clients will need at the end of this crisis to maximise their business success. Consider what you’ve learned as a business throughout this experience that you can use to provide better service and expertise for your clients.

Use this as a basis to develop high-value content assets, then build campaigns around these to help generate demand. This is a chance to really build on your content marketing foundation and really understand your audience for the future.

Consider media relations

Right now, the news is focused on COVID-19 and related stories. News outlets are hungry for content that satisfies the public’s desire for information. This means they’re looking for stories that offer a different angle, useful advice, or a new perspective.

This could provide an opportunity for your company to act as a thought leader. If you are interested in providing commentary on trending topics, first consider these five key questions:

  1. Is this relevant to my business?
  2. Am I a credible source of information for the audience?
  3. Am I an authority on this topic?
  4. Do I have new information to add to the conversation?
  5. Is it appropriate to provide comment on this issue?

If the answer is yes, then it’s important to develop a media strategy that will get cut through with the relevant journalists. You may need to work with an expert in media relations to ensure you’re targeting the right journalists and putting together a story that will work for them.

What to do next

Content marketing already plays a key role in business and this is especially true in such an unusual time. We don’t yet know when the global pandemic will end, nor when the repercussions will start to recede, and it will take some time for many to come to terms with the changing world.

We all need to adapt and find new ways to engage our customers. Creating content is a powerful way to demonstrate to your clients that you can support them through this situation and will be there to meet them on the other side.

We have managed highly successful content marketing programs for our clients for decades, and we now how to generate strong results. To find out how we can help your business expand or develop a content marketing strategy that will cut through the noise in today’s environment, contact us today.



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